micro:bit + Lego Blocks = ? Electronic Blocks?

Maybe you wondered that What is DaDa:bit?

A programmable kit developed for STEAM education, including micro:bit, expansion boards, more than 10 electronic modules and 200 structural components, support micro:bit and python programming, able to build a variety of creative scenes. Up to 20 creative styles with learning manual and course documents, from construction to programming make children easily achieve creative production.

Do you know thousands of people has changed their mind about computer and coding:

  1. Simple: 88% of children said programming is not as difficult as imagined
  2. Interesting: 86% of people said it makes computer science more interesting
  3. Compatibility: More than 16% of girls said they used the BBC micro:bit and they decided to choose ICT/Computer science in the future


So here’s the problem, what changed them? You will know after reading the features below.

Free learning manual and course document

We prepare a Step-by-Step manual and video course including model assembly and creative programming, even a beginner can finish the building and programming easily.

micro:bit controller board

micro:bit is a micro-programmable computer designed by the BBC for Youth Programming Education and developed by partners such as Microsoft, Samsung, ARM and Lancaster University. Currently, micro:bit promoted globally by the UKs non-profit micro:bit foundation.

Powerful micro:bit expansion board:

To make it easier to use the micro:bit motherboard, we have developed a micro:bit expansion board. This is a plug-and-play expansion board that not only carries RGB lights, sound sensors, buzzers and other electronic devices, but also expands the sensor interface, motor output interface and servo interface.

Transformative styles

One kit has 20 kinds of styles and games, more than 200 LEGO structural components bring children endless DIY creativity.

Abundant Sensors

DaDa:bit transformative blocks equip color sensor, photosensitive sensor, obstacle avoidance sensor, ultrasonic sensor, digital tube and fan modules etc. Uniform 4pin interface design, easy to plug and unplug, high security, more suitable for teenagers.

Creative Scenes

We developed 20 kinds of games such as smart basketball, smart crane, color sorter and storage box etc.

MakeCode graphical programming

DaDa:bit transformative blocks adopt Easy-to-Learn MakeCode graphical programming by dragging cordwood modules. Zero-based kids can learn without difficult. Python programming is also available for those who has different demand.

Compatible with LEGO and support expansion

DaDa:bit kit can be compatible with LEGO building blocks, support expansion and rebuilding, make the idle toys help programming.


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  1. airrover says:

    My kid have moved away from mobile phone and TV, since he had the Dadabit… I regretted, because I have to spend much money to upgrade his old computer for his new project.

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