micro:bit + Lego Blocks = ? Electronic Blocks?

Maybe you wondered that What is DaDa:bit? A programmable kit developed for STEAM education, including micro:bit, expansion boards, more than 10 electronic modules and 200 structural components, support micro:bit and python programming, able to build a variety of creative scenes. Up to 20 creative styles with learning manual and course documents, from construction to programming […]

DaDabit 20 in 1 Transformative Building Blocks

It’s our newly launched DaDabit, a micro:bit programable electronic building blocks kit. 20 in 1, right, a real transformers for you and your kids, which inclues micro:bit, extension board, more than 10 modules and 200 structural components, support micro:bit and python programming… Oh, this is the first season, just here today, I will go to […]

Humanlike Biped Robot Playing Taiji Kungfu, awesome

This biped robot has standard movements, I guess most people could not play better than the guy. No doubt, the guy is a new generation of kung fu master! Robot technology has made great progress, In many areas, they are becoming stronger and smarter. We believe that they will be the best friends for human. […]

Use RC522 RFID with Arduino and OLED – RFID lock

RFID is one of these technologies that change how we interact with other electronic devices and things in our environment. It is used in every application where some unique identifier is required, from retail to security and is also leading the path along several futuristic innovations with RFID based human implants among others. This wide […]

A Colorful Christmas Star with Neopixel LEDs

A technical Christmas decoration, created by means of Neopixel LEDs and controlled via an Arduino Micro board, that takes up a minimal amount of space. With the Xmas holidays approaching, we always try to propose a solution or another, one that is capable of combining tradition and innovation, so to avoid the usual or the […]

Make your day with an electronic birthday cake

Impress your friend with the electric Birthday Cake! A hand-made open source electronic cake with candles you can blow out! Specifications Features 9 LED candles that you can blow on, to make them flicker and go out, like you do with a real birthday cake! Each candle blinks with random period and phase that depends […]

Halloween Scare Project with 12F683 and ISD2532

Halloween is coming up and it’s time to do some pranks. Everyone likes Halloween and I’m no exception. Every year me and my wife decorate the house with lot’s of bugs, spider webs, creepy posters and of course lot’s of Halloween candy. While making the normal Halloween preparations I came up with the idea of […]

Smart Power Switch for Arduino

This project works like most digital watches when you turn them on, it shows you the needed information and after a while goes off to preserve the battery. A typical Arduino consumes about 40mA of current in an idle state while the atmega328p consumes around 20mA when in the same state. We can conserve this […]

Who Will Be the Winner in the Robots Boxing Match

When I was a child, I often played fighting game on the play station or TV, felt really happy after KO rival. Nowadays the development of  science and technology is more advanced, so people have chance to control the real robots playing game, it’s more interesting. Recently, people in Japan held an amazing robot PK […]